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September 09, 2005



It's interesting to hear what's going on over there, thanks for sharing that! It's great that you are able to get involved and do something..



You rock chica. :-)

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator

Awesome, keep up the good work.

My company is matching funds 4 to 1 for hurricane relief, so I am donating.

Oh yeah, Michele sent me!


Hi Angela. I dropped in from Michele's tonight.

Bless you and everyone around you for doing so much for the victims of this tragedy. I hope others read your entry and are inspired.

Celine Dion: I'm ashamed to be a Quebecer like her. Ich.


Here via Michele's!

You know, most of the entertainment industry needs to keep their mouth shut. They are here to entertain us, they should not try to "enlighten" us. They end up looking stupid.

Never been a big Celine Dion fan anyway...

Great blog!


I think I'd rather hear about precious puppies too. I've stopped watching the news. They sure don't talk about the good stuff. Well the local news here does, but not the national broadcasts. I live in Austin and the local shelters and such aren't taking donations anymore because all of the warehouses are overflowing. Why don't they broadcast stories like that- where cities are stepping up to the plate to help and not bitch and moan?


Michele sent me.


Wow. Amen. So say we all...
Good commentary.
Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll come back again.


Hi, Angela, thanks for the comment. I never actually went to sleep at nap time either, so I'd never get the job!


Well thought out and written opinion, not being in the States we don't see the whole picture but from what we've seen the American people have really pulled the stops out to help those affected, and I think it's amazing and great to see such a huge country acting as one!


Forgot to say, here from Michele's! I'll definitely be back soon!


Hi... here via Michelle's (now that the link works!) YAY to you for doing so much to help the Katrina victims!!


boy, you sure had a hectic schedule. god bless you and ev everyone else doing their best to help out anyway they can. it's just a shame that those being helped just don't seem to realize that they are. here by way of michele. :)


One can only help those who want help. Their life. (shrug)

Michele sent me. Hope you're feeling more rested soon.

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