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December 02, 2006



So no one was willing to perform a rendition of cell block tango with you then?


All your work (and work-ish) stories remind me of when I was a kid and the officers and enlisted seemed soooo grown up and cool and they totally did the jail fundraiser thing too and broadcast it on base TV (soooo cool). And then I went back 2 weeks ago and realized I'm, like, 100 years older than the gate guards and 50 years older than the chicks in the office that makes the visitor ID passes. So then I wanted to die.


This still sounds way cooler than my stiff upper lip working place.


I have to admit -- I'm highly amused and would have loved to see you sitting in a cell drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies.


That's hilarious. God, I miss working for the Air Force..bunch of freaks. :)


OK, cough it up. I *KNOW* that they take pictures of people behind bars at these events.

So, where's the picture, Missy?

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