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January 05, 2007



I am the same hermity way, which is part of why I never want to leave Chicago - not only do I love it here, but I actually have FRIENDS! Something I didn't have the years I lived in Cincinnati. Sadly, I have absolutely zero advice on meeting the new friends, as most of the ones I have here are either people I met through my site, or people I met through those people. Apparently, the internet is the key to my social life.

If you're the church-going type, I would suggest checking out the local church choir. Yes, you'll probably be the youngest person there by a good 20-30 years, but it'll get you out of the house, be relatively low key, and something you enjoy. I did this last year when I first moved to the Chicago area, and it was great. Everyone in the choir was awesome and friendly and welcoming, and it was nice to feel like I was a part of something at first.


They really should have a for meeting friends, not just dates. I still don't have any *people* here in Houston, and I am likely more hermitish than you are. Not being a church person or a club scene person really puts one at a disadvantage. I really am going to give you Jill's email address. She and her husband put on a monthly music series so that might be good.

Anyway, the possibilities are out there, and I'm sure you will find your weird Wicked GWTW soulmates out there. :-)


Oh, no, you're going to have a GREAT time! First, Colby's a pilot, so there's all kinds of stuff for the wives and GFs to do. Do they have First Fridays? Those are great ways to meet people. There's also church volunteer groups, if you happen to like that stuff, and the OCSC has stuff going on as well. They ran the thrift store at my base, as well as ran a few other things. There's I'm actually really jealous of you right now, because you're SO close to being with him for the rest of your lives, and it's going to be great! Plus, you can always host dinner parties and have him invite work friends and their wives. And then there are the weekend nights of the wild parties that include the single guys and some of the engaged/married guys, some that bring their women and some that don't.

Seriously, I'm jealous. But I'm not too far behind you . . . we're looking at early 2008! And then I'll be in the same club! Oh, and if we end up at the same base as spouses? We can totally have our event planning business and bake cakes for going aways and stuff!!!!!


Hi - I've been a lurker for a while and have thoroughly enjoyed your posts! I live just up north from you in Vancouver Bc. I have been to Seattle many times though and it's a great city. I'm sure you'll find some *people* to hang with soon! One thing you may want to get involved in down there is the Bumbershoot festival. They always need volunteers and it's a huge music festival. You'll meet lots of good people and enjoy one of the best long weekends in the west coast EVER! :) If you get lonely just jump in your car and come up for a visit! The kettle's always on!

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