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February 14, 2007



Oh wow. Running. Very impressive. Sometimes I think about trying to start jogging again, (and by "jogging" I mean "walking somewhat fast") but then I remember it hurts, and I head back to the bar.

But I am so duly impressed that you can self-motivate, like that. Rock on, and cheers to the lack of muffin top!


might want to reconsider the title , love. we definitely thought this article was about something entorely different.


might want to reconsider the title , love. we definitely thought this article was about something entirely different.


computer is doing weird and crazy things! sorry for the double post!


Who knew VD could be happy! Enjoy the rest of your VD. ;)


So wait, where the heck are you living right now? I'm confused.

Katie Ann

Wow! Sounds like you've got this running thing figured out! Maybe I'll try your program :) (or maybe I'll just complain about going up and down the stairs in our house and call it a day)


Where are you physically right now? heheh

I miss you Lost buddy!


I find music for running CRUCIAL. Do you have an iPod/player/radio? (Mine has just stopped working and I'm devastated.) Looking forward to a new song is sometimes the only thing that makes putting on my sneakers bearable.

But the sister's good, too. I can never seem to coordinate with real live people, so I exchange e-mails at the beginning of the week with two other gals far away, with our workout plans. Usually makes me show up. Although this week I'm 0 for 3. I'm blaming my iPod. Stupid iPod.

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