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February 28, 2007



Sounds fun, Ang, I'm sure you looked beautiful in charcoal ;-)


Ha, and it's equally as painful to draw those 15 minute poses. Or they were for me...

and that's when I realized that art wasn't my true calling...

but that rocks! Go Angel!! Maybe next time they'll need a nude model... then you could add a whole new section to that resume...


what was this for? (on their part. i know you did it for the $25)


Did I miss the post when you described why you were doing this? I've tried sitting still before and it is hard work!

Katie Ann

Hehe :) We're all curious as to how you became a lovely model! Can I have your autograph? And I'll be selling stuff you signed/touched on e-bay.

Anonymous G

Wow! You're a writer AND a model?

I'm so excited for you and Colby!! You have so much to look foward to. Together!



Hehe! Having 'sat'for portraits for my dad, and having done the whole model thing, lemme just say I know that numb feeling.

But...for cash, I'd do it again! Have fun! :)


Can you scan some of the pictures? That'd be awesome.

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