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December 30, 2011



Looks like 2011 was a great and busy year! And yes, cheap red wine is a great way to stay sane. Champagne does that for me too.


Loved reading this with you. I definitely identify with some things! And i get the book thing. I have the start of 10 or 11 novels written in journals under my bed. And a few on my computer. I can never make myself work on them. And yet, blogging? Writing letters? Easy! (You are a much, much better writer than I am, though.)

I hope 2012 brings that baby!!!


I love this!!! I think I may copy it from you :) It's fun to think back on the year.
I really hope 2012 is your baby year!!!! Maybe Germany will work it's magic on you two! Happy (belated) Birthday and Happy New Year!


Sounds like you had a great year! I love this survey...I am very excited to read about all your adventures in 2012!


Oh I loved this survey! I'm going to (as long as you don't mind) post it with answers on my blog! Yay for 2012 and I hope it brings you beautiful blessings

Kate P

Happy New Year, Angela and Colby!!!

(Speaking as one who is partly Italian, I do believe that it is perfectly O.K. and not alcoholic at all to say red wine kept you sane.)


Nothing wrong with a little wine.

I'm like you on Adele. It took me forever to listen to some of her songs, but once I did, I really liked them.

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