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March 02, 2012



There is still hope.

I'm sorry for the hurt, physical discomfort and disappointment you're experiencing though. Hope you are able to relax this weekend. Take care of yourself, girl. And know there are tons of us out here cheering you on!


Hugs and positive thoughts for you, dear. Try to think of it as three GOOD eggs!

A Super Girl

...but three good eggs?

I can imagine it's really hard to be optimistic here. And my heart broke a little when you talked about how protective you are of those little embryos, because man have I never thought about it like that before.

Good luck with the transfer, and after it's over, just rest up and think happy, fluffy, implanting thoughts :-)


Hang in there Angela. I know this probably sounds crazy but it really does take only one good embryo to have a healthy baby and there's a reason they harvest that many eggs even though nobody really wants to have 8 babies all at the same time anyway. This will probably also sound crazy but welcome to parenthood... because so much of what happens to your is really out of your hands. You do the best job you can with the information and resources you've got, and sometimes there is a WHOLE LOTTA praying that everything really does turn out for the best in the end.


I can totally imagine how hard it is to be optimistic, so I'll be optimistic FOR YOU! Three good eggs are GREAT! And I knwo how much it stinks to not be able to protect those eggs right now, but the transfer will be so soon and I'm gonna think all sorts of positive thoughts for the transfer too. Sending you lots of love.


My heart dropped when I read your post title. BUT three good eggs? That's great!!! Like everyone else has said: try to think good thoughts, even though it may be understandably difficult for you to stay optimistic right, so then we all will be for you! Thank you for writing about your journey. You are in my thoughts and prayers :)


loving on you and hugging you....just ready to hold your spirit in my arms whether it is to celebrate or to comfort. I know with positive thinking AND prayer our dreams do come true. "puppies and rainbows" :) XXOXOXX


Honey, I'm not reading/writing/commenting on blogs these days (no time), but I wanted to take the time to comment here because you are so dear to me.

You are so very, very special and so is Colby. Not only do you two deserve to have a child, but the world deserves to have a child that you two have raised into an awesome person. That child WILL be an awesome person. I don't doubt it for a minute.

I can't imagine the ups and downs you're going through right now and it's not fair. It simply isn't. You have such an amazing spirit and so much to give.

We (BJ and I) love the dickens out of you and Colby and though BJ doesn't pray (what? how did I marry an Athiest? Tell me! How did that happen? ha ha), I'll be praying enough for the both of us.

I love you honey. You are one of my (I didn't give birth to) kids and you always will be. Just like my biological children, I want only good and wonderful things for you. I'm praying with all my might that this happens for you.

Love, love, love,
Your Washington state mom

Operation Pink Herring

It's so hard when there is just nothing to do but wait. All my positive energy is coming your way. Hang in there, little embryos!


I agree with your doctor, quality over quantity! You only need one! Keep your head up :)

Kate P

How does it happen that those kinds of phone calls are always right as you're trying to get out the door? What a process. Everyone's in my prayers.


Oh, girl. I am so praying for you! And thinking good thoughts, of course, but i believe in the power of prayer & I will pray for you every time i think of you (which is often). The waiting part is just ridiculous... it sucks... but you are right in that you have so many supporters rooting for you! LOVE & HUGS! xoxo


Definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you. Good luck!


Three good eggs, girlfriend! Three is good. Hang in there, I know it's an emotional roller coaster, but it sounds like you're doing well, all things considered. Sending lots of love and fertility vibes!

Fraulein N

I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. You guys are in my thoughts.

steph anne

You're definitely in my thoughts and I hope there will be better news next week.


I've been having a hard time commenting..trying again to see if this works...

Just wanted to send you good and happy thoughts. What you're going through is so nerve-wracking and I really hope you will have success. So many people are rooting for you!



I sincerely hope you get better news this week--I'm not very familiar with the getting pregnant side of infertility, but I do know about waiting and hoping, and I know that is so, so, so hard to do. My thoughts are with you--you have lots of people who adore you waiting and hoping with you.


Thinking positive, happy thoughts for you guys and the eggs!


Sending you and the eggs positive thoughts! Keep us posted.

Elle sees

I was just thinking of you, and about to search for your blog to check on things.
My friend is going through the process too. She just received the news she has no good eggs left, so if she wants kids, she'll have to use an egg donor. I'm just thinking positively for you both! And yet Snooki can get pregnant. Life!

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