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August 27, 2012


The Incubator

Silly me, I am sitting here crying -- so happy:)


So I just went to view the photos from your session---so gorgeous! Not only do you have a baby in there you have TWO you are looking amazing! :) I can only hope to look half as nice even if I'm carrying just one when the time comes. And what a great idea for the baby shower. I had never heard of such a thing until recently and the idea has really taken over, but such a good idea!


What a wonderful baby shower. Your little girls are so blessed to have so many people around the world care about them. :)

A Super Girl

I love the Skype Shower concept, so glad it all worked out. Also, your maternity photos are darling!!!


Omg, have been looking for the perfect shade of grey (snicker) to paint the exterior of our cabin and CANNOT find it! They're all green or blue or brown when I paint a sample splotch. Sigh. Anyway. The pics look awesome on FB and man your weekends look fun :)


The skype baby shower is so cool! How awesome that you got to experience a shower even though everyone is all over the place. :) great sneak peeks!!!!


I LOVE the maternity photos! They look beautiful! And cute idea w/ their names on your belly! ;)

So sweet how they did the shower from across the miles! LOVE IT!


Your maternity pictures are ADORABLE! You look 3637282882287227262626 times better without mascara than I EVER would.


I love that your sister and sweet friend gave you a baby shower and am so impressed they were able to do it from so many miles away! I know it must be hard to live away from your loved ones, but they sure do seem like they love and miss you!


Skype shower? Brilliant! Yay for technology. Just another reason to be thankful we're living now and not 100 years ago, right?


Those sneak peek photos are insanely stunning! Your girls will cherish those pictures, I'm sure. How sweet of your sister to host a shower that way--I'm glad that everyone was able to get into the spirit of things across all the miles!

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