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Lovely List! I'm working my way through one as well. :)


I'm totally stealing that starbucks item for my list. I LOVE it!


12. I'll meet you there!
13. I'll meet you there!!!
14. Ronald McDonald House :)
15. I love doing this but honestly Snapfish or Shutterfly are fast, easy and you can usually find a deal 50% off :)
23. I'll drive behind you :)
30. I am cheering you on :) suggest doing all other on list before trying this one :) :) :)

Thoughts Appear

Great list! I think I posted this like 3 times on your blog already, but I'm completely envious of your Greece trip.

I just did 23 on Christmas Eve. I wish I could sew something cool to wear as well.


I want to go to #12, too! I was thinking of just going to the horse races here with a big hat on and a cute dress though.

i actually stopped working on my 30 before 30. i suppose i should start back up again. it really is a good goal.


#28... I don't know how to ride a bike either!!! I'm so excited to meet another grown adult who can't do it... hehe :-)

short boots

They had to write a paragraph saying why they wanted to be on SC and then were chosen by the teachers.


Awesome content..I must say if anyone read this 30 points carefully than it will gonna change them..This points are that powerful and good..I enjoyed reading..


I think I'll be 40 before I ever finish Atlas Shrugged. So dense! Admirable goals though. Traveling is big on my list too. I just turned 30 but didn't finish mine either.

30 Before 30, Cali Style

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